New Dimension (FEEDBACK, PLS READ)

Hello, So I think the game has a very good alpha. You can already do many things and in the behavior of building and collecting tops it in any case the Dayz scrap.

Drawback is that the game is moving exactly in this area and begins on servers as well as stump to be Dayz and that will cause (even for me) that the game is always more interesting than interesting.

So I would like to give some feedback :slight_smile: And hope that this feedback I will be taken seriously by me, therefore, himself a German Games’m a programmer and also the Unity Egine for programming use (for this first class choice)

Basically, it’s great that you can build doors and of course you can give them somehow broken. But we are talking about an online game that continues to run when you’re offline. That is, the bandits just wait until a person is online and only then they rob from. Which of course the players do not like and also many it never brings to want to play.

Here spears should be programmed, doors can not be busted if the player is offline and these spears turns as 5min after which the player is offline here then also automatically close the otherwise open window. This procedure whites would avoid the player Offline be robbed whärend the person is online rather than as it should be and the 5 minute backup does not back up the players just always log out when they are attacked but also when they are Onlie and are attacked somewhere forced to defend . Here I might even create a new type of door that you can not put 10,000 times. Thus, players could also not just their entire booth with the 5 min backup to clap doors so that it takes 5 min to the other players at all times close to it are.

The zombies are really enjoyable and so live their lives which is really not bad, I still would find it beautiful and also many that I know when the zombies are attracted as an example of light (not with lights spawnwn but only if they light in a certain view area have since go back)

The chat
Custom a scroll with the possibility enables if you are too far away from the person urgently, T therefore suppressed fast times perish important texts and man with many chat conversations

The roads are class with the construction ban, but you do not want to always build verstekct somewhere in a corner but also sometimes like a player city based on an RPG or PVE server, therefore it would be to put the class if there were gates on the road can and where players can then choose if only they can open the gate or you have to donate something to get through the door.

Players General
It lacks definitely a friends and clan system so that friends and groups can build buildings together or use a camp together. That is, in the sense that you can adjust to the boxes, I Friends, I communities, I, I Clan Friends

It would be glad if any such matters appear in the next update and you might even can set in the admin area if doors can be ruined at all. The it would be a shame if the game is just a bad copy of other Metzel is Dayz.

Sincerely yours