New DNumSlider

Hello guys, I’m in a little trouble now, I’m quite new to Gmod 13 and I found out that DNumSlider has “improved” a little but is there any way to disable this new function or what should I call this :

I found this in the code of vgui/DNumSlider.lua:
self.Scratch = self.Label:Add( “DNumberScratch” )
self.Scratch:SetImageVisible( false )
self.Scratch:Dock( FILL )
self.Scratch.OnValueChanged = function() self:ValueChanged( self.Scratch:GetFloatValue() ) end

So you could probably remove that feature by doing


right after you make it.

EDIT: That might cause errors, though. You could alternatively do

function numslider.Label:OnMousePressed(mc) return end

to prevent it from opening. Maybe.
Tell me if it works out.

Well it really removed this new window but i have this problem :

The bar is too small :s

Oh. panel:SetWide(width) will make it bigger.

From my debug code:

[lua] self.pAngIndex = index;
self:AddSlider( index, self, offset, “Angle P”, -250, 250, function( val )
if ( !DEBUG_HOLSTERED_WEAPONS_TABLE ) then return; end;
self.SelectedHS.ang.p = val;
end ); offset = offset + self._sheetList[ index ]:GetTall( ) + 5; index = index + 1;[/lua]

[lua]function PANEL:AddSlider( k, parent, offset, title, min, max, onValueChangedCallback )
self._sheetList[ k ] = vgui.Create( “DNumSlider”, parent );
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetText( title )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetMin( min )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetMax( max )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetDecimals( 2 )
self._sheetList[ k ].Scratch:SetZoom( 25 )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetValue( 0 )
self._sheetList[ k ].Label:SetWide( parent:GetWide( ) / 6 )
– self._sheetList[ k ].Label:SetMouseInputEnabled( false )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetDark( true )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetWide( ( parent:GetWide( ) ) - 15 )
self._sheetList[ k ]:SetPos( 15, offset );
self._sheetList[ k ].OnValueChanged = function ( val )
onValueChangedCallback( tonumber( self._sheetList[ k ].TextArea:GetValue( ) ) )



To disable that feature, uncomment: – self._sheetList[ k ].Label:SetMouseInputEnabled( false )

To adjust the width, look at the SetWide code. You need to reduce the label width, and increase the panel width.

Ah thanks, it worked with a little modification