New Door system please?

post your thoughts about a new door system…

having more then a couple friends play the game with you and building together is getting a little annoying… still love the game a lot, but having 4-8 doors on a group base sucks… wish friends or whatever could share doors someone… :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the door system as it is, not saying it doesnt need to be changed but i like how it is right now.
instead of forcing a 1 door house it makes the players make a complex house structure with many openings and many labyrinth like structures to reach the end goal, the loot room. this forces invading people to find the right way in.
thats just my opinion but since playing this game ive had to rethink how i really need to build my house in order to defend it and not just live in it.

I’d support this for PvE servers, but not PvP servers. It’d make PvP too easy for defenders.

OK I do like the system as it is atm but only when my friends are on and can play and have time to build a house together…

but since I have soo much more time then them, I have to just farm up resources all day long or play with my dick all day long before I can build a house b/c I cant start building anything b/c you can have door openings, b/c some jackass will come throw a door on it :stuck_out_tongue: or whatever else they want to fawkin do LOL

hasnt happen to me yet, but I have a feeling if I want to get creative and start building us a house and leaving openings or whatever else then it would happen…

to reply to the guy above me, No chance I would go to a pve server b/c that’s not the point of this game…

It isn’t hard for devs to add a perm system bind to metal doors. Temporarly, they should put a cmd /lock ? in the console - remove lock, add user, and set password. When setting the cmd to a specific door (or the object ID), they have to use E or the same key bind to open the door to set it. It doesn’t matter where the door is. It matter based on object ID and object ID’s pos which have already been developed.

From what I’ve read from others, it’s not the point of the game to build a single large base with a tonne of people either :confused: That just asks for people to raid a single area knowing that there will be a larger hoard of loot to raid.

You want to encourage organization and co-op support.

This is how you grow your player counts.

i think there should be a) a lock and key where you have to craft the and left click on the door (owners only) and you drop the key the other person picks it and and right clicks on the door, giving him access to open and closing the door OR b) a number lock where you can make your own 4 digit code.

Stop making threads like this the devs already said on around 66767676 threads that they were going to leave the group system which includes doors to the players I mean how hard is it for you to make an extra door???

Multiple posts have been made confirming some sort of key or lock system in the works.

Yes this is true but after that a dev finalized it I will look for the thread for you.

Being Able to add members to ur door would be epic, also, making a maze is good, but u could still do not even without the whole 1 person per door.

I think one of the devs said they would add some keypad or key crafting system so your friends could use your doors

I really like this idea, of using the the console for adding players… to your door… Great Idea I would say :smiley:

oh, so you build a building and your playing around in the game for awhile and you make a friend and you guys want to team up, how you going to put another door down for your friend when you need c4 to blow up the wall or just start over on a new building, rinse and repeat when you make more friends or they make more friends