New durability is a joke WTF!

New durability is a joke WTF!

That’s totally unreal and stupid, you shoot with a M4 for 10 minutes and it’s destroyed? What???

Same for Hatchet, so you use a hatchet to cut a little wood and it’s destroyed! I hope someone launch an exploit to stop the durability!

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It would be nice if it was a configurable item on the server side, so admin’s could change this to be more appropriate or disable it if they like.

Be happy that you even have a M4 in this world of naked mens! :v:

The joke is the lack of people evading the search feature.

QQ Moar!!!

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Should have used the existing topic dude.

You will see quite a few features rolled out for a wider test and since we have community modded servers if you hate a new feature just wait for a like minded server to disable the new feature.

I really wish people who dealt so poorly with change would not participate in Alpha games. Sometimes they will roll out an update that breaks the game or at least adds significant bugs/glitches. Sometimes they will experiment with new features. If you can not accept that then stop playing an Alpha and wait for the full release of a feature complete game.


I like how everyone uses the “unreal” card when it comes to their precious COD guns, yet they have no issues with the realism of being able to craft an M4 from low quality metal which was magically crafted from metal fragments.

Why haven’t you moaned about the realism of sticking cloth in a furnace and it turns into leather? As I said in another thread, bore off back to COD.

It is

And one banned user more. :v:

I think the workbench shld be able to repair. the repair bench seems overkill. it shld be all in 1. the workbench seems limited in its interaction

Oh man… all these durability threads.

If you took the time to read some of the other information that’s flying around the forum you would see that the durability IS configurable. The rate at which durability decreases can be lowered, raised, or even turned off entirely.

I am NOT going to post the RCON commands here because I feel that some of you QQ’ers need to try harder.
EDIT: damn someone already posted them… shoulda made them learn to use the search

Any design pushed forward to increase scarcity is fine by me honestly. If this is a survival game we shouldn’t all be able to horde enough weapons to arm the Chinese military.

They can. See this thread with settings…

Yea, had an internal struggle on whether to post it or not… The nice side of me won though, dammit… But it would be nice if people used that cool little “Search” button up there… It won’t bite, I promise…

I think that’s pretty good considering its made from few pieces of low quality metal by a naked man