New East Coast PvP/Sleeper server! Low ping, Friendly Admins! 250 slot

We have currently started a new east coast server and a friend and myself are the admins. We will be using zero admin abuse and are both in our mid 20’s so expect a mature atmosphere as well.

Server name: East Coast (PvP/Sleeper)

To direct connect: Press F1 and type “net.connect” (without quotes)

250 slot server

Admin names in-game: Dark, GENERAL^DRUGZ

The server is still pretty new and everything we have obtained is legit. The only few times we have used admin powers was as a rescue attempt, teleporting to newbs being mauled by bears. xD

We have been playing Rust for a few weeks and are willing to give advice to any new players. We are looking for a generally friendly server but with full PvP. Some of the most fun times I have had in this game was defending against raids or fighting for airdrops and we want more of the same. Harassment and intentional griefing will not be allowed though. (walling up other peoples houses to make them un-enter-able, or purposely hunting a player to ruin the game for him.)

We invite all players, new and old, to join us and have a great time!

Feel free to contact us in-game or message me here on the forums with any questions or concerns you may have!

We will not be wiping servers except for major gamplay updates and besides the stupid DDOS attacks, we will always be up.

ive been trying to join for the past minute but i keep failing to connect

Yeah the DDoS continues… One day! we will have no fear of such things! Till then? Life sux…

we are up and running!

Getting 10-15 people on during busy times. Its growing. Feel free to join us!

no downtime today. yay

cool server. i joined earlier and there are some nice guys on. Would definitely give this server a try!

Great server. Nice and smooth.

Getting 10 people all times and bout 20-30 at peak. We are growing! Feel free to join this friendly PvP community where raiders and friendlys alike are welcome and (so far) people dont get crazy butthurt when you kill them.