New East Cost Server! new oxide/Doorshare/pvp/1/2 Craft & More!

Hi people! We are a group of 5 friends starting up a server. The main reason behind deciding to host a server is because we want to play a fair game, where everyone is equal, and mostly to ensure that no fishy admin tricks are played on us, and also to take quick care of the hackers due to active members.

How to easily access the server
You can open up the game console in the Rust main menu by hitting F1, and then typing the following line;
(this will take you directly in the server)

Server’s Features
-50% Craft time
-Active Admins (Almost 24/7 for support)
-Oxide Features (/pos, /players, /kit, etc)
-No Admin will ever abuse his powers, unless it’s for investigating a suspected hacker and such.

We really look foward to building a small community with whoever may want to, thanks for your time and hopefully we will see you soon on our brand new Rust home :)!
Have a good day

Up, We got something going, need more people :smiley:

Thanks to the people helping the small community we’re building, Looking foward to new comers! Mods are now up and running and the server is still fresh and smooth, come join us!

One up!

Two up!