NEW Eden 2/21 Supernice Active Admins, Slprs, Groups, AIRDROPS

Began a new server with an RP twist.

Quick General Info:
Server Name: “NEW Eden 2/21 Supernice Active Admins, Slprs, RP welcome,
no wipes”
US EAST, but run by Canadians.

200 player slots
PvP is enabled
Sleepers enabled
Air Drops aplenty

Public Steam Group

Forums will be actively read and responded to, in addition to our monitored

We have three admins, I’m looking for two good people to volunteer to be admins during our off periods. Let me know.

Current Plugins (powered by Oxide)
Chat History
Door Sharing
Teleportation Requests
Removal Tool
Crafting Controller (No craft C4)
Market (Money for killing, missions, or selling on the Marketplace, Buy stuff you like, Guides will be provided soon)
Ownership Removal Tool (Lets you remove anything placed on your base)
Private Messaging
Time Commands (/time to see time)
/where (gives cords and named areas, also compass)

This is a US East based server run by friendly Canadians. We just want everyone to have a good time, we ban hackers straight away, are easy to communicate with.

There is a fun theme we are considering which I will list below. We’ll see if people feel like it adds something and let members vote whether to knock it off.

Fun server theme (can be downvoted if unliked):
The Admin is God (no specific denomination), who shattered the old world and reduced Humanity to this sorry state when they stopped worshiping Him. From time to time God will bellow from the skies a commandment that he expects his various followers to perform. It will read grandiosely but will be somethin like “I demand a token of nature. If I come upon you, give me your offering or suffer the consequences.” When God appears next to you or speaks invisibly, you must toss him the offering. Punishment shouldn’t cost what you are carrying, so maybe God teleports them a semi-nuisance distance from where they are. If offerings are made they get one faith point, records kept by God, which can be used in some way (not for anything that would upset the natural balance or cause an over-powered situation).

Other daily commandments might be to create a shrine (furnace) in a high location. Tell God in chat you are ready for him to behold it and He will come, gifting you a faith point (if we try that) or a gift of planks maybe.

Other themes:
-The monthly Long Night, where timing is manipulated to create several successive dark periods. To add RP flavor, maybe this invites a paranoid killing frenzy that God smiles upon. During the Long Night screenshot your rock kill for a gift/faith.
-A weekly rockfight arena where one can volunteer to be teleported there for a series of battles for God’s favor and a prize.
-Ongoing Blog chronicling celestial encounters and the story of the

If people like the Religion Metagame we can expand it: two primary admins, Two Gods, one Dark one Light, you can choose who to curry favor with. Cult of the Sun, Cult of the Moon. Anyways come try us out, have fun, make a home.

– How to connect –
Open the console by Pressing the F1 key. (in game)
type “net.connect :” (no quotes)
Hit Enter