New Enemy NPC's

Rust is so much fun and theirs always something to do, but when there is nobody around you to present a challenge then it gets boring. Sure there are wolfs, bears…, well yea, not a lot of enemy Npc’s to fight.
I want something challenging, since rust is a apocalyptic game why not robots or mutants or something other than an animal that gets killed in like 3 shots. When I’m playing with friends and there are no people around to try to raid us or attack us, then it gets really pointless cause it too easy.
And sure sometimes there are huge battles with players and it’s always a rush.

I saw somewhere they might add robots if I find the link I’ll post it below.

my answer to this question will always be rad animals:)

but yeah, some kind of danger other than wildlife and players would be nice. maybe not soldiers or mutants or anything, but who knows…all depends on what fits.

Add NPC Soldiers like in “7 Days to die”. And please don’t make the NPCs to easie, and don’t make everyone the same strength, some should be stronger then others. I think off a group of NPCs with spears, bows, knives etc. who attack everyone who enters there territory, but they should warn you first. It should be possible to deal with them and to make friendship so that they won’t attack you if you enter there territory.

I’d love an NPC that required players to team up to take down. Guess it would have to drop loot worth making you stop fighting your enemy and teaming up with them i the heat of the moment.

This has been suggested before. I guess what people are really asking for are boss fights.

Sorry what? 7 days to die doesn’t have this.

Im sorry, you are right, i mean the game “liveless”. It has guarding NPC’s