New equipmnet

You could put in binoculars,snipers, and some cars you can craft but do no damage to people and craft them with metal fragments and leather

I dont mind the idea of cars and binoculars, but I dont really like the idea of snipers.

Hey look, suggestions that have already been talked about to death

No snipers please.
Binoculars would be nice

if sniper were to be added theese would be my terms:

600 metal frags to craft.
250 metal frags for the scope.
50 gunpowder and 20metal frags each bullet.
can only shoot straight when proned or standing still for more then 30 seconds.
only reaches 250 meters away.

Low powered scoped rifles could work, It’s just most people don’t like the idea of being killed by somebody they cannot see.

Why would we need cars?

The playable area isn’t even big enough to support them.

A bolt action rifle WITHOUT a scope would be as much as I could tolerate. If scoped snipers were introduced most people would just make a f*cking sniper perch or add one to their structures and camp there for as long as they willed picking off anyone that came within a mile of their view. New-spawns would have no haven to run to since likely the way I imagine it would play out they would be sniped within seconds of spawning in.

Yes, right now in alpha, the game does not need freaking snipers right away…

unicycle which needs 1000 metal fragments to craft. And a Hunting rifle which can be only dropped by black zombie with a 0,1% chance.

Of course Black zombie drops the recipe for Unicycle and Hunting Rifle , with a 0,1% for each.

And there is 0,1% chance u will craft it . the other 99,9% will kill you/destroy all your items and chests.

That would be ok.

Ps: Binocular is a good idea , but it would need glass to craft , and the glass can be only…
You know what i mean …

I think they should definitely add aspects to the ocean, and some travel with it, maybe a wooden boat you could make, or find motors to attach onto broken old boats. Water travel could provide larger map, possible build expansions with docks and such; plus there could be fish in the ocean for resources. You could bottle your water, could effect raiding greatly.

I don’t think I’d agree with snipers. Maybe something closer to a bolt action rifle which didn’t one-shot kill, but snipers would cause a lot more anger between players.

A unicycle? Are you for real right now?

99.9% chance of dying and losing everything to make a rifle? It had better be able to fucking nuke from orbit at that rate

Please never go into the game development industry

“Man dies in freak accident whilst making a rifle”

Also, Unicycles are well known for being abundant in deserts.