New Error EAC: Unconnected (since last update)

Hey all - I have tried literally everything to fix this. Googled, read other posts, forums, crystal ball, fortune teller, (ok that was not true but you get my point!) =)

My Rust client has been working fine until the last update. Now I get the EAC error no matter how I try to start the game. Here is what I have tried that DOES NOT WORK:

  1. Run EXE as Administrator
  2. Run from Rust Folder
  3. Run from Steam
  4. Change Compatibility settings in Windows (Run as admin, run as win 8,7, etc…)
  5. Reboot
  6. Reinstall EAC
  7. Change compatibility settings on EAC

The Only thing that DOES WORK:

Uninstalling game via steam and installing again. I have to do this every time I exit the RUST Client. If I log out of game, but KEEP THE CLIENT OPEN, it will work fine. The second I exit the client, it requires a full reinstall.

PLEASE Help me!! This is driving me crazy - btw - this happens on Experimental and Official servers.


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Yeeh. I got it when i tried to fix another issue i had with the game. But then i fixed it by following ones instructions.

The game is obviously veeery messed up, since mine (EAC unconnected) was triggered when i tried to run Rust as admin and with corresponsive compatibility mode for the game. I reverted the changes, though, and did some more odd tweaking to get it back to normal.
(PS! The original problem persists)

Oh, great times indeed!

Leave the game be for now (unless you get it fixed) - there always have been problems with the game, only that ppl aren’t getting them at the same time at once, but each on seperate times. Some are stuck with it for 6 months now. Might aswell forget about this game till it’s finished.

grrr…so you weren’t able to ever get past it?

Thanks for replying!

Nah, i said i did, but i didn’t get the original problem fixed, the one i was trying to fix and created many many many many new errors in the process. (I fixed them all, but, still, not the original problem)

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It’s like every1 is assigned their own kind of technical issue which they can never get rid of, just like race and gender in the game.