New error for rust site

Error 1001
DNS resolution error

the new error

oh atleast im not the only one did it say u where banned as well jw?

Yeah it did

oh alright it scared me a lil

same :slight_smile:

something about cloudflare ?

Learn to read

man i cant wait till its back up i wanna continue playin lol and pure what server u play on?

Eu wbu gamemajor?

leif no need to be harsh not everone knows whats goin on when it says u have ben banned

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i play on EU1

They probably just started using CloudFlare, if so their DNS will propagate in a few hours. If they were already using CcloudFlare then they screwed something up and it could be down for days. Time will tell, we are unlikely to hear anything from the devs. They rarely update us.

said i was banned to i was like gulp its scary when you havent done any glitching or nothing

ya cuz i paid 50 for it so if i got banned for no reason id be very upset but its just some hicups

Yeah the game is quite expensive, worth every penny in my opinion but even still, if you got banned it would hurt.

Ok, the error is still up. My guess is the screwed up the CloudFlare config which means… get ready for what could possibly be a lot of downtime.

lol glad I wasn’t the only one!!!

Ye but remember only 4 of them working on it so going take long

We all just have to be patient. It will be back up soon.

and if not we can just sing on forms until it back up :slight_smile:

So glad it wasn’t just me. I got this game yesterday and would’ve been really sad if I was banned lol.