New error's

Okay, this is worse then last time.
My Episode 2 crashed near the beginning (in first tunnel), where I found “error” models.
Last time it was wire frame on all props.
Holy crap, Help me D:

Is it legal

I reccomend you buying orginal game…

He hasn’t said yes or no yet


Here in Poland there are lots of non-steamers, so it was my first reaction.

Whaaat! When did he say he was from Poland?

Can’t you see? I sead “here” not “there”. I was about me. HERE on every forum about source games if somebody has strange errors (such as no models) in games, we ALWAYS reccomend them buying orginal games. If they don’t reply for long time it must be non-steam. If not they need to reinstall…

No, I got it from the orange box