Hi Guys!

(I will write this in english, but my native language is German. Please dont blame me for grammar fails :))

I want to invite everyone to join my server.
It’s a fresh map (20.01.2014) so everyone will start from scratch.

The Server is located in Germany.
Everyone who can speak English or German is welcome!

Server Info (Will be changed if the community wants it to be changed!):

-----> IP ADDRESS: net.connect <-----

Crafting Time: 1/2
Sleepers: Yes
Decay: No
Airdrops: Yes (10Players + or at Events)
Doorsharing: Yes
Friends: Yes
Starterkit: Yes
Custom Loottable: Yes
Events: Yes
Active Admins: Yes (At the moment, only me)

Thats about it i think. I want your feedback, if you guys don’t like those settings, i will change them.

I’m currently the only Admin on the server, and im looking for 1-2more.
The only rules for the Admins are: Be active, help the players, dont abuse your admin rights.
The Admin rights are for !!EVENTS ONLY!! you have to gather your stuff like me and everyone else.

I wish you all great fun and a nice time on my server!
I hope we meet Ingame! (IGN: Elysiar)
So have fun, and stay alive!


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