(new) [EU]PVP Rust ++ Doorshare|Insta|Airdrop|NoSleep With daily arena battles!

Hello survivors,

A couple of days ago me and 2 friends of mine started a 50 slot server in europe. The server is PVP based with Rust ++. We got at the moment a daily activity of ~10 people around most times. We want more players to experience our server and hopefully stay :).

We got daily arena battles, where you can win good prizes like 500 wood or 250 metal scraps and even some guns! How do we do this? we have build an arena far from the main population where we will teleport two random people to. They will be geared equally where they will jump in the arena and fight till the death. The winner gets the prize and both get teleported back to where we left them. We are hoping to do more of these events and hopefully you will enjoy them!

See you soon!