New EU seerver (UK Bezerker rust)

hey all,
been playing rust since day1 of the key auctions and finally decided its time to get a server of my own for a game i enjoy this much. The server started saturday and is still pretty quiet giving people good oppurtuinities to start out come check us out at UK bezerker Rust. so far a decent bunch of guys all pretty friendly :slight_smile:

(As im sure most who play on this server are aware we are geetting pretty full at our current 30 player limit.)

**Server host moved to multiplay london server **

EU Hosted server
All Mature players welcome
Anybody caught cheating will be banned
Noob friendly i enjoy helping people out to enjoy the game as much as i do
99% uptime

Helpful Admin
decent current community

No sleepers
100 slot server
Looking to host events in the future
Mumble server info
Address -
Port - 64634*

donations can also be made toward server below

Ive not been playing long so it was a great server to get started on. Friendly and regular people and (I think) the admin helps you find your friends if you join as a group to get you started.

Mumble server added



Bump’ed best server in the GAMEZ

lol ty

What’s the avarage population on this server?

wiped and restarted :slight_smile:

Looking for more active members


Great server and friendly Bezerker is great admin

thanx artis, and servers picking up now :slight_smile:


will be moving to a much larger player cap host very soon :slight_smile:

I have been playing on this server since the restart and loving it. Tried logging on today and its saying failed to connect. Is the server down?

theres a problem with most servers atm i think

updated and live again

New host after update wiped server now 100 slots

Just joined the server, nice pop, admin doesn’t mess around.

looking for more players seem to of lost every1 since the patch