[New EU server] rare military weapons & rare c4

Are you tired of being constantly raided?
Do you dislike military weapons?
Do you want active admins?

Well then you can take a look at our new server

It has been set up today and has following features:

  • C4 charges are craftable & researchable, but explosives aren’t ( Only airdrops )
    ->The intention behind this is , that you need to use the c4 sparingly since its rare

  • Military weapons ( M4 & Mp5 ) are not craftable & researchable and are very rare.
    -> More focus on low quality weapons such as pistols and shotguns

-We have active admins that will keep an eye on everything that happens.

-Sleeper is enabled

-We run Oxide on a very stable and reliable server

It is new, so we don’t have many players yet , but you can still come and check it out :slight_smile:


(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

Feedback or other suggestions we may could implement would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ll give this server a try, posted in the wrong forum though ( http://facepunch.com/forums/417 )

oh , sorry for that. And thanks for giving it a try!

Terrible server, no wipe soon was promised… server just wiped…
someone asked why to an admin, admin responded “i don’t know you so shut up”