NEW (EU/UK) Vanilla-FairPlay- PvP- Sleepers - Actives Admins Age 25+

Me and two Friends have opened up a server we are looking for long term players to come and join us, we are relativly new players but no how to survive and get started and get a community. The way we like to play is PvP No rules just Morales. What i mean by this is if u see someone spawn in and you have a gun is there any need to kill them? We dont think so we have BF4 for that, i always think if it was me spawning in as a new player never played you wouldnt think much of the game or even get to enjoy it. This dosent mean no PvP tho just pvp were its worth it and ppl have stuff at their base to at least not get fed up as im finding with servers i join theres alot of CoD style pay going on wich is fine but i want to build a fort collect resource were ppl come and talk see if ur friendly or even just avoid you.
We are always helpful and keep back ups of server files daily, we will not wipe until it needs to be meaning when updates are required.
Server hasnot been up 24 hours yet from this post so its got plenty of open land to build.
50 players max atm will expand if need be but with 50 it is easier to moderate cheaters

We will look into door share mod and possibly more if ppl want it but we have left it standard for now with 1/2 craft only ATM this may change.

WILL UPDATE WITH WEBSITE AND MORE INFO SOON!!!(Making sure servers going well first priority)

In the meantime come say hi you can be friends or enemies the choice is yours(NO ADMIN ABUSE)<----this is why we got our own server as to many Admins give them self an advantage.

i.p :

Been playing on this server. Not tons of players yet but the guys and girls on there are cool and friendly.

ye hopefully well get more like minded ppl but PvP will come with more so far 8 players not a bad start in 2 days were looking to keep the server running for a few months if we get activity possibly even longer if numbers are good

Really good server, i will always be playing here as the admins are great, and is exciting and fair game play! the way rust is meant to be played! :slight_smile:

cheers spacer catch u soon i will update OP in next day with real info and details about the server