New European Hard Server : Door Sharing / Adjusted Drop Rate / Fix Name / 3 Admin / Wipe 18/01/14

Let me introduce you to our brand new server , [EU-fr]Insert Coin .

We are a community of ten people playing rust which after testing multiple server we noticed the number of server abandoned by their admin , stability problem , useless building ,

administrator abuse and cheater who roam freely .

So we decided to create a server with people concentrated to erase these problems and respond to our expectations and the expectations of a majority
of player who want to play freely without these problems.

We are 3 administrator that connect to different schedules in order to have an optimal presence in case of problems .

The server can accommodate up to 150 players .

And to add a competitive spirit we have made some changes :

  • Amount of drop on zombie reduced

  • Door sharing

  • Air drop starting from 70 players

  • Wipe controlled

  • Explosive can not be crafted but can be obtained in small quantities has a low rate on the zombie and crates

  • The priority of the administrator is to ban cheaters

  • In less than one week a white list controlled by forum will be on

  • Auto Kick people with unusual character in their nickname

  • The server will wipe Friday at 00:00 (GMT + 1:00)

We would really be glad to welcome you and are open to your suggestions and if you are interested here is the address : (and don’t forget to type net.connect )

Thank you for taking the time to read and I apologize for any English mistakes that I could commit and see you soon on the server of the community Insert Coin

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))