New Event Idea

I have an idea for another event like the Cargo Plane or the Huey Chopper. Every now and then (Like maybe once a day) a group of naked npcs will run around the map with stone hatchets and beat the shit out of anyone they see and like the longer the server as gone without a wipe the stronger gear they come with.
And Hi i’m new here!

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Let me explain my Idea in more depth and also feel free to tell me stuff, Essentially this group of npcs will be a Aggressive Nomad Group, traveling place to place raiding and killing, this event will give people something to shoot at other than other players, now you might be thinking, this sounds like zombie hordes, naw man, this group will be resourceful and use their hatchets or whatever equipment they have to their fullest extent they will be intelligent, if they see a player they will chase him down and attack him, if they hear someone running around in their home, they’ll wanna get in. The main reason for this will be another event to get some loot and this event will be slightly easier for players who don’t really have much to fight against other players for airdrops and monument loot, the loot comes to their home. Like i said, longer the server has gone without a wipe the more well armed these guys will be. It’s just a dumb idea i had but i thought something like that would add a little more spunk to the game.

I don’t know what to say… :speechless:

Well we’re kind of gunna have stuff like that with the scientist that walk around and ‘study’ the island. They will be largely peaceful but shoot back if you get aggressive.

But you have to have that ‘prison island’ mentality almost. That’s what FP is going for I imagine. So yeah, this idea could work, just with something other than nakeds.

Wolves perhaps?

isn’t that what happens just after a wipe?

You nailed it mate.