New exploit?

Hey guys, i figured id post about this here. Anyway, today i was playing in a Gmod server and someone was able to list the contents of the hard drive my Gmod is installed on, now i know that your supposedly only able to touch JUST the gmod folder from ingame scripts and what not, but this guy was listing the contents of my storage drive which Gmod was installed on. He was even listing the root of the game servers drive “/”. I was able to take a screencap of this ill include that here too

My e2’s famous!

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It can’t do anything but look at the directories, which is useful for detecting os and such

maybe he’ll find your furry porn

Lulz :stuck_out_tongue: i dun mind that :3

We did. All 7 gigs of it.

oh no, oh no please no…

haha want a sample? check out my site U-18Chan

Oh man oh man.

Disgusting, ban it.

Fur Folders.

lol he spammed all my porn sites to chat

Uh, where can I find this e2? :v:

I knew having a separate partition only for Steam would be a good idea.

which means kids, don’t name your folders obvious things like ‘my porn’ and you’ll be fine

Why keep your furry porn on your C drive?

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I mean honestly, that’s what I use my documents folder for.

Flapadar released a POC of this exploit well over a year ago

Haha yes, thats what im going to do :3

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Its actually my storage drive. Which just so happens to contain backups of my fur folder.

Thats just weird man just wierd.

Who the hell doesn’t steam there porn these days?

Although I did lose internet for 2 weeks and my Phone (contract) wouldn’t take my passport number as ID so I had child filter on my wifi for 2 weeks and I think I cried…

To much info :confused:

I stream, this still found internet history though.