New Explosion

That’s right, Motherfucking


A fancy pantsy new particle effect to replace the ever so drab default explosion.

Yea it’s not exactly a LUA thing per-se, but it doesn’t really fit in any other section. Besides, there’s a bit of LUA that I borrowed from this guy (who in turn borrowed it from this guy) To make the explosion show up.

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of particle effects, possibly culminating into a big old fancy package with many different effects for people to choose from.






That’s damn fine


Absolutely beautiful. Great for machinimas!

The explosion looks great, but the code not so much.

Nice Vman, your explosions are as explosion-y as ever.

Holy shit, amazing! Thank you :smiley: :smiley:

Love it, Definetly worth downloading.

Blame the on the guy I took it from :v:

this is good! can you make a pack with the Ivan’s Secrets bomb effects? that would be absolutely legendary!!

If I learn how to mount particle effects to the particle systems controller, or if someone is willing to turn them into sweps that actually damage things, then sure.

Nice, can you make a different fire effect tho?

<3333 I’m in love!! :smiley: hope you finde one!

I intend to.

nice vman, definitely gonna download it.

Have you found someone yet? Want help?

does this work in multiplayer? if not, can you make this work in multiplayer? every custom explosion addon I’ve ever had never worked in multiplayer, which makes me sad face D: your particle effect is fucking awesome 'though.

Thank GOD. The default explosions are so bland and boring. Downloading as soon as I can.

Even the OP’s computer lags when the explosions go off, if you watched his video…