New exterior walls cost 50 paper?!

On it says the walls cost 50 PAPER each. Is this a typo? Did they mean to say wood? What kind of wall is built out of a box of copy paper? Also paper has a build time or 30 sec and cost 100 wood each. It would take 25 minutes and 5000 wood to make one wall. Must be a typo…

It’s probably meant to be humorous man, don’t take it so seriously. 50 paper is still 5000 wood so it’s not like it’s actually made of paper.

yea that raised my eyebrows this morning! they surely can’t mean it!

Walls are admin only currently

I guess its just a joke to make people mad.

True but this has nothing to do with the question of the op.

What? If you convert wood to paper, it’s paper. Making things out of paper, would imply it’s being made with paper! My printer doesn’t print things on wood does it?

Paper is strong… and yor are young :slight_smile:

I’m old men, in 1970 a truck of 6 ton pass over a paper bridge in Nevada…

Check it on google: “paper bridge truck 1970”

Guys this is just stupid. I don’t know what the devs where thinking on this one. I estimate it will take 40 min to make one wall. The walls arnt even better than a normal one and why paper?

There’s a reason they are admin only… Oh and if you’d bother reading the devblog, you’d know that they still are developing them. Hinting about barbed wire for example.

They could make the wall cost 50 animal fat if they wanted. Does it matter what it cost to craft it, or what the end result is?

I get my update news from which typically has a better layout of the details guess they didn’t put the admin only part in or I missed it.

"…Exterior walls

The next level of base protection is here… sort of. High external walls have been added. This default blueprint cost 50 paper (that’s right, paper) and snaps together around the exterior of your property, ideally keeping people the fuck out.

Great in theory, however, people can easily get over them with one ladder. If I’m going to spend 5k wood on one small hunk of wall, that motherfucker better take more than one measly ladder to get over. Speaking to Garry, he told me they plan to add barbed wire and such to future iterations. In the meantime, high external walls may not be worth the paper.

Interesting note: you can place these in the quarry blocked zone.

Update: These have been made admin only for the time being…"