New Facepunch server!

Alright guys! I decided this morning I was going to use one of our servers dedicated to facepunch and Its awesome users!

So answer the poll at the top asking if you would even play on it, and in a post below tell me what mod we should make it! What’s the coolest mod/gamemode?

Needs more info:

[li]Server location[/li][li]Slots[/li][li]Who would be admins[/li][li]Gamemodes it would run[/li][/ul]

Tickrate and stability would also be nice to know.

It would be nice to have a vanilla sandbox server (Just vanilla props, CSS, HL2, EP2, DoD, etc…), oh and also no extra tools.

Don’t go with coolest, go with best.

Is there already a FP Fretta server?

If it would be around europe, sure

Ya i would love to play on a vanilla server.

If people would be as bitchy as they are here, i would stay way out of that server…

The UK Facepunch TF2 server is pretty good most of the time, I think it depends on who’s playing more than anything.

i want:

vaniila. no wire or phx. please!
the only addon we need is weapon restrictions, so everione can only use the gravit gun, physgun, and toolgun, so there is less minges. ABSOLUTELY no microfone talk, so less mic minges.

so yeah, id play it.

oh and, it should have a huge vareiety of game modes, from chimera hunt to go-fish, i loved that gamemode. like, every 1 hours or two, it switches game mode and map, or it can be plain sandbox


Wouldn’t it be better to disable voice on the client-side? I don’t see why you would need the whole server to disable the feature entirely.

I’d rather have microphones enabled but the option for admins to kick if people with annoying voices or spam use it, and if repeated ban.

Vanilla FP server in Europe

Would be nice to see a vanilla server.

Or maybe disable PvP damage?