New fail/outtakes compilation

From the times before gsquared and upto today there have been mishaps or failed attempts at my machinima making. So i decided to make a compilation out of them!

it would be nice if i just had constructive criticism even though its not one of those videos to crtisize on.
Interested on being part of the studios? Just drop by

Your voice actors are terrible.

Depending on which ones, there all good just not good as others

no they genuinely all sound bad

All of them.

So you say grea$emonkey (Moderator) Plazmatic,colonel gentlemen lolzman87 homergoo deadeye why i drum and others sound bad…id like to hear you

Okay add me on steam: hadberz

Okay then…

oh snap…

It okay Castro he laugh we have fun time.

Kaboom hes dead

Hide your notifications…

Yea i know, im starting to now.