New Florida Server! Multiplay Florida - PvP | doorshare | sleeper | raredrop

UPDATE!!: Loot tables tweaked to perfection! Farming means something, now. Effort for time is rewarded. Item rarity properly place in appropriately difficult or easy locations depending on the item. Three tiers of rarity; common - boxes, rare - zombies, airdrops - epic. Airdrops currently set to 10.

Multiplay Florida - PvP | sleeper | raredrop
New server started 1/25/14

  • Limited loot table:
    C4, grenades, and military guns/mods only drop from airdrops. Less loot from zombie/box drops overall.

  • Limited crafting:
    `No crafting C4, grenades, or military guns.

  • Limited research/blue prints:
    No blue print drops for C4, grenades, or military guns/mods. No researching C4, grenades, or military guns/mods.

  • Immersive gameplay encouraged! Friendly noob town in development!

  • Open to player suggestions about server development as we tweak the loot tables just right!

  • Absolutely no admin abuse! I started this server to create a hardcore survival sim/pvp experience for me and my friends, with loot tables and restrictions that we think will give a more visceral feel.

Come join the Sheriff!

Bump! Fresh start, you know you wanna!

UPDATE: Tweaked Loot Table, three tiers of item drop rarity - boxes>zombies>airdrops.