New forum: Gamemode Development

Garry has added a gamemode development subforum to Lua. Check it out!

I suggest you still post questions/help threads in the Questions forum, but now we have a place for WIP/Promotional gamemode threads.

If anyone wants their threads from the original Gamemodes forum moved, post the link here.

Finally, it’s back in the Lua scripting section.

Update -thread with the new sub-board?


New section doesn’t seem to have lua king rating :frowning:

Lua king has to be there ):

(Grea$e, why can I post while I’m banned?)

Huh? You’re not banned.

I’ll talk to garry or compwhizii about it.

A few suggestions:

  • Don’t let people make threads if they have literally nothing to show for it. If they don’t have a few screenshots showing they’ve at least started coding then lock their thread. Idea/brainstorm threads are awful.
  • DarkRP / Whatever other script edits should be verboten. Editing a few lines in an already existing gamemode doesn’t make it yours.
  • Perhaps rename the “Gamemodes” forum to “Gamemode Releases”? As it is now there’s pretty much no difference between that forum and the new forum. Both have the same WIP threads in them. One needs to be for non-WIP stuff.
  • Move the “Gamemodes” forum so that it’s a subforum of Lua Scripting (i don’t get why Gamemode Development is under lua scripting but Gamemodes isn’t).

Awesome :smiley:

Now if only gamemode contests were still here :crying:

  • That’s pretty much common sense. If it becomes a problem I’ll make a rules thread.
  • I half-agree with you. If someone adds a couple lines and renames the folder then yes, but there are some gamemodes based on DarkRP that have had a considerable amount of work put into them. If they become a problem I’ll start closing the dumb ones.
  • I think garry wants the old one to be of general gamemode discussion and have this one be the one for development. Stuff like gamemode related lua questions, WIPs, promotional beta threads, etc. As for the releases, I think he wants it in GMod discussion for player visibility. I’m trying to get him to move releases to being a subforum of Lua RELEASES.

So what are the rules when it comes to threads like this one… ?

Grea$e banned me yesterday, but I could still post after he banned me.

You were only banned for an hour, and according to your post history you posted pretty much an hour after you were banned, so you were unbanned when you posted.

Well that wouldn’t really fit into the development section since that gamemode isn’t really being worked on and doesn’t appear to be subject to change. We don’t really have any explicit rules about selling someone elses work, but taking credit for someone elses work is a ban. If it’s re-selling already sold/closed-source work, then it’s leaking which is also a ban.

So we can sell gamemodes now? :confused:

Garry never had any rules against it AFAIK. I personally frown upon it, but it’s not much different than selling a bash or perl script or some other kind of code. It’s still just as ridiculous in most cases, but not illegal.

Not ridiculous if you put time on it, and not over $100.

How can you prove the person selling it is the author? And in cases where he isn’t the author, how do you verify he has the author’s consent?

There has been a lot of leaking going on where a disgruntled community member steals his community’s gamemode and either posts it publicly or tries to profit by selling it to other communities.