New Fresh Server-[Dallas] [CoRe] /DoorShare/Sleeper/PvP

CoRe - Are small group of gamers who love to play a games and will welcome new players into the fold, Hope to See all of you on Rust.

Basic Server Info:

  • Dallas Server
  • Active Admins (ZeroExile and Wompa)
  • Constant Updates whilst trying to avoid all chances of unnecessary WIPEs…
  • No admin Abuse
  • 100 Slot Server
  • Rust++
  • Oxide
  • Admins Spots available once server gains population
  • Server Connection Info -->

In game press F1 to open console. Type net.connect
Server Config:

  • Airdrop set to 10 people online
  • Insta Craft
  • PvP Enabled
  • Sleepers
  • Door Sharing