New fresh server!: DONATION OF 40$ in 2 weeks! Airdrops, Oxide, PVP, No wipes, active admins! No lag at all.

Hello out there, a newformed server has been up and running now. I hope to bring some players here, server is up to date with no lags at all. alot of pvp is goin on already!
No wipes, maybe every second month or later.
server is using Oxide mod and facepunch:)
Friendly and active admins! Piece out :slight_smile:

DONATION OF 40$ When 30 people been on daily, for a week! Random player will win, and will post it in the welcome notice who won!

Here is the server ip: net.connect

Server Features:
-Hosted in UK
-Keeping server to 100 players or less to keep a tighter community can increase if needed.
-!! DDoS Protection !!
-Air Drops
-/who (player count)
-Mature and active admins
-Zero admin abuse
-All welcome

Server Rules:
-No hacking/cheating or using exploits of any kind. You will be caught and punished swiftly. [Bannable Offense]
-Steam profile must be set to public.
-No impersonating other players.
-No impersonating admins. [Bannable Offense]
-No unraidable suicide bases, the floating ones that you suicide to get back into.

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This is a new server, so be patient and start building! :slight_smile:
Friendly players so far.
See you in game guys!