New Fresh Server PVP | Doorsharing | Sleepers | Fresh Wipe 16/01

Welcome and have fun to active Admins Europe Server! Fresh Start and all Basic Features:

[DE/EN] Rust++ | PVP | Doorsharing | Sleepers | Fresh 17/01



*- 100 Players

  • PvP

  • 1/2 Craft

  • Airdrops

  • Zero Tolerance with Hacking

  • Doors Sharing

**Features RUST ++ !

Door sharing
Voice notifications
Broadcast PvP death messages
Chat history
Player list & online count
Private messaging system
Friend system
Starter kits
Admin loadouts
Permanent day/night settings
Message of the day
Server notices
Shutdown messages & auto save
Player join/leave notices
Voice proximity toggle
Auto saving
Admin announcements
Easier teleport commands
Structure Decay toggle
Display coordinates
Display ping


Nice Server :wink: Admins are very friendly…i got stuck in a area and he help me out =)

nice PVP Server, anyone wanna group up /pm Fleischklops