*New Fresh Server*|PvP Survival|50%Craft|Airdrop|No Wipe|Oxide

Server Name: New Fresh Server|PvP Survival|50%Craft|Airdrop|No Wipe|Oxide
Server IP:
Server slots: 50
Server location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Server Launched 1 feb 2014!!

Why you should join this server?

Thats not really hard.
No admin abuse(I see this on many servers!).
Airdrop when 2 people in server(Will be higher if more people join).
You can always ask for help. People her will always help you out.
We will always try to improve the server.

So play fair, no cheats, exploits etc and join us!

You can easy connect to the server by going Console in the game (Press F1) and copy/paste this : net.connect

Hope to see you here! Bye!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four" - postal))

Nice server !

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Yes it is, See you there ?:slight_smile: