New Fretta Gamemode Coding Help:

So I think this is the right place, but im making a new gamemode based off the minecraft game called spleef and was wondering how to code it so that when it calls the check to see who’s winning, that it chooses the last alive, and how to make it to were the players only have 1 life per round. Please, im really confused on what to code here :frowning: . I know most of the coding goes into the init.lua but I have know idea if I am right. Im not posting any code, because i have none in the init.lua.

Heh… I ported Failcakes Spleef gamemode to fretta. I just used the built in round end and life stuff.

The following link should help you with pretty much all you need.

I suggest you check the wiki and the tutorials, they’re pretty useful!

Awww… i wanted to make it but k…