New Friendly Oxide Server. Active Admins (No abuse) Hosted in UK.

As title, a new friendly UK server:

  • PVP

  • No Sleepers

  • Decay On

  • Doorshare
    We only have 3 rules in place at the moment:**

  • NO Racism

  • NO Greifing Buildings (This is not nice, if you going to raid do it properly.)

  • NO Raiding Between 12am - 8am GMT (Gives people a chance to defend.)
    There are currently three admins that are very active and willing to help if asked for it, as admins we have no special treatment we play the game like everyone else.**

  • xTehGuy (Myself)

  • PvtFloppycock

  • Santa

** If this sounds like it could be a good server to survive and make a lovely home then be sure to pop on by:**

  • (On the main menu press ‘F1’ and type 'net.connect ‘Insert IP’ without the quotation marks ^_^)

Any questions/suggestions please comment below.

Look forward to playing with you!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))