New Friendly Server. :) Active Members/Admins!

New Server that was just put up. 100 Slot. We have about 15-20 Active members.

Server wiped: none. Don’t plan on it till its really needed or a patch.

  1. Lag free & Perfect hit registry
  2. No Admin Abuse - We will always respect our players
  3. Hackers will be banned immediately
  4. Half craft Time
  5. Sleepers enabled to prevent combat logging
  6. Active Admins.
  7. Easter egg event 2 per day.
  8. We can help you collect items for your base. :slight_smile: Just ask.

New Players can get Supply Signal. Just talk to an admin to see how to get one.



(User was banned for this post ("make one thread not two" - postal))

AMAZING server, admins are friendly and will help you out and help you get started.

Pretty Swag server, The staff is mature and the community for as small as it is, is really friendly.