New Fuhrer

I like the pic, but I hate nazis.

I like how some people are disagreeing with me. What does it mean?

The Soldier medals feel… weird.

they rushed to the agree button but accidentally clicked on the disagree button in all that haste

I think they should have been RED, not BLU. That’s just my opinion.

I think they should’ve worn mustard uniforms and a black one for zhe Fürher. Or the contrary.

Shading is coolio.

Do some more!

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Was it REALLY mandatory to mention?

Here we go again for another swatiska debate with the same “but it was an hindu symbol before”, “I’m Polish/Jew/French/US veteran grandson and find it offensive” and “Y’all nazis, you like this aren’t you?!” or even “Wehrmacht was just obeying Nazis’ politic, all Germans weren’t evil” arguments.

Well, not anymore since I just did the whole thing by myself to avoid such off-topics.

Well it was the RED army that invaded and took Berlin, so not really. Technically they should be gray/black.

someone get some sick beats on that above video

You make some great screenshots, Riar!

I honestly did nazi this coming.
But seriously nice pic

That’s pretty cool.

Stop with the Nazi jokes, they aren’t clever, anne frankly I don’t find them funny either.

i hate people who say “i hate nazis” and are ignorant to what “nazi” even is and then rants on how EVERYONE IS A NAZI in germany during ww2

nazism is a political party

They did bad shit regardless, not like they were some almighty great super power that turned dark one day, they killed 6 million people, 6 million… which was 3% of the population at the time.


no shit, but to say EVERYONE in that country was a nazi is stupid, you were only a nazi if you believed that political party which was pretty much fascism with racism and hatred toward jews

in my books, you’re a nazi if you were in the ss, nazi party and or participated in the camps aswell as believing in nazism


This offends me; My grandfather died in the concentration camp. He fell off the guard tower.

Anyway, I’m whoever you can imagine right now and this is my favourite TF2 Hitler picture on Facepunch.