New function please garry

hello there, i have been playing Garry’s mod for a long time (mostly crack before i got the legit version on Steam) xD, about 6 months ago, i still can play with my friends using legit version but now, it isn’t work using Hamachi, evolve or tungle, we can’t play together anymore. My friends, they were very upset because we have tons of horror co-op map that we haven’t played, so please, Garry, i think you should have a function call Play with friends in Garry’s mod, please ! :cry:

Or you know… you set up hamachi wrong or they did.

But now im concerned if you actually bought gmod or if they did.

Here you go buddy

function PlayWithFriends()
return true

i don’t think that we set anything wrong, i joined the network, copy the ip of the host and type it in console. 6 months ago, it worked fine :v:

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my steam URL :

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what am i suppose to do with that ? please help me :’(

Delete system32, then make a folder called ‘system32’ in lua/autorun/server & make a file called init.lua & put that code inside.

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if you all bought gmod use the gmod built in multiplayer. If you hit single player (i think) and hit dropdown and change to like 6 people they should be able to join without port fowarding or hamachi, or another alternative is to simply port foward.

Niandra makes a joke, nothing happens, whitestar makes a joke and he gets banned. :smiley:


Telling people to delete system32 has always been bannable since it’s malicious, whereas my code does nothing at all - if I had written something that’d fucked up their gmod, I would appropriately be in trouble

so, that’s mean i just need to go to singleplayer and choose 6 people and it will work, maybe ?

No, you still have to use Himachi, or Evolve, or port forward, or something

Or forward your ports…

I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a vid to my youtube for a helpful how to setup a portforwarded gmod server so I’ll just send it in pm if you want.

Posting a video is fine.

thanks for helping me