New furnace model

They changed the furnace model again.

I don’t think it really fits the rust style and i think the the “pile of crap” looks better or the one that’s currently in rust. But I do like the shape of this version better than any other.
What do you guys think? How should it look like?

I kinda like it, it seems sealed so hopefully it’ll only project light out of the front so I can hide them better at night lol

Ugly. The other one they were doing was better.

I know it’s so hipster to hate everything the dev’s do, but I really like this one. Much better than the 16-bit one we have now, and it’s more realistically open and visible than the “pile” model.

Hope they get this one out.

I like how close it is and how big the hole is but i think the rocks/stones are to square and too thin.

This new one looks the best sofar i like it

New one looks much better, but the rocks are too rectangular, should be more variety. Also there is too much space between them (too much mortar).

I like the new one. But I think it needs some kind on rock container to hold and melt the ore. At the moment it looks like you throw the ores in with the wood… Which wouldn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus Christ nothing is good enough for you people. If you were collecting rocks to build a furnace wouldn’t you look for the rectangle or similar shaped rocks so building it is easier and its more symmetrical?

I really like it.
What I didn’t like with the previous style was the stones… They look like each and every one got hammered on to “shape” them. They look like deformed golf balls.

The new one looks like a furnace I’d bulld.

I think it much better than the one that looks like a hollow pile of crap. Now I hope they would add clay to rock resource, so that would explain what is holding the rocks together. Also with clay other things can be crafted like molds to place in a forge to create metal bars or molds for crafting weapons. I know I posted this before but I believe that crafting an M4 should be done as such.

Loot an M4 and bring it back to your house
Disassemble it down to its main parts… Stock, Upper receiver, Lower receiver, Barrel, Bolt, (Firing pin, trigger assembly)
Then make a mold of each and place them in a forge with L.Q.M or Metal frags take them out.
the stock,grip and hand guard could be crafted from wood.
Take all your pieces to the work bench and reassemble it.

you could also have parts break or get damaged when trying to disassemble the weapon figuring that you guys is practically a cave man rediscovering lost technology and improperly breaking the weapon down

Just some ideas to make it a bit more realistic and drawing out the end game some more as well as making gun fights more intense and interesting, because you sure as hell don’t want to lose that weapon after all that shit lol.

The new one looks to clean i think. I like the chaos of the “first new” one.
Or create some variations in the stone size etc.

But maybe they redone it because of the bump map. to create a bumpmap for the second try is much easier and efficient.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

This one looks much better than the other new one.

New version is great, feel a bit empty in the inside.

Seeing how large the inside-space it, it would be pretty interesting to have the option of hiding small sacks inside of furnaces. That way, if someone is raiding you and you know that you are on the losing side, you can activate the furnace(s) and burn up the loot you do not want them to get at.

This just makes me remember the naked guy that blew a C4 on his shack because someone was destroying it’s door (me).

This looks like it was made with maya… looks great though

DanC updated the pics on trello

It looks really good ingame.

Looks good but I still think they need to put something inside. Maybe some dirt + rock…