New Gamdemode Ideas?


I’m Jrt232, creator of the second ‘Dumpster Addon’. Unfortunately, I am unable to continue my work on Scriptfodder as I am busy with revision (who isn’t, right?) making me unable to give efficient support to new customers. However a few friends and I were thinking of working together to create a new royalty-free gamemode.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to create a gamemode that nobody would find useful, so we would like YOUR opinion on what you think this new gamemode should be about. Think out of the box and don’t be afraid to suggest something that you think may be unrealistic!

Also, if you have a lot of experience as a coder or want to work your imagination on this gamemode, contact me on Steam to volunteer at:

Thank you,

James Thomas

-omg soz read post wrong-

Maybe instead of a competitive game like most gamemodes portray, why not make a co-op game where people compete against the gamemode as a team? I don’t think there are many gamemodes like that out there.

Im assuming revision is towards school or spmething?

If you dont havr time to do scriptfodder, how will you have time to make a new gamemode?

something like a mining complex or space station where you have to do repairs to open up new areas to the mc or ss and maintain defences against attacks by aliens or zombines set by the game mode, if the defences go down or te power gets cut you die and respawn at a safe house at the start of the map and have start the repairs again

mellon bal! Gmod has a mellon fetish so making something with that = instand succes!

or a cs:go clone would work aswell :v:

I’m planning on doing this, not really sure how it’ll go with weapons and such since I’m not a modeller of some sort, but the rest should be fairly simple to do.

I thinkn Buu made some decent csgo sweps

I’d like to see people explore calc view a little bit more, do some over head or sidescrolling modes

I like the ideas going on here: I think the idea for a game where everyone has to work together sounds pretty good, I might expand on it and try to think out of the box Keep them coming!

I’m trying to make on of those cool overhead games, just i need to polish on my maths, a lot!

what would be a good gamemode for side scrolled?

Maybe a take on Sonic Racer? multiple players start at the same point then race to the finish on a 2d plane with no player/player collision?

Maybe a co-op in the spirit of Trine with players having to work together to solve puzzles?

Super Smash Brothers. Enough said.

Like someone said, co-op would be nice, I’ve seen people doing it in CS:GO. I’d love to see it in Garry’s Mod <3