New game mode idea

I recently had an idea for a rust mod that I would make except I don’t have the skills to do so. Perhaps it already exists and one of you can kindly link me the sever or maybe this thread will catch the eye of the developers.

The game is simple it’s rust but in a smaller map (about the size of the enclosed road right now). 20-60 players randomly spawn around the island and must quickly gather resources. There are no rad zones, mutants, crates or air drops. You start with every crafting recipe but the catch is when you die you’re out of the game. As people die it will be harder to find one another which is why as soon as the game starts the sea level begins to rise making the map smaller. The map would have to be shaped so that players are not cut off from each other by the water.
After 2 hours the map will be fully flooded. This will leave 1 sole survivor who is king of his shrinking island. When a player dies they can spectate or have the option to join a new game.

How will this affect gameplay? Everybody will be KOS. There wont be any big bases being built, we will see everybody using wood shelters and maybe some 1x1 wooden bases. The lower tier weapons will be predominately used such as the pipe shotgun, revolver and bows. We will see most players gathering resources and killing during the day and using night to craft up for the next day. The day cycle would have to be a bit quicker than the 1 hour it is set to now. Everybody will be carrying most of their items on them. Some players may hide inside their base but eventually they will be forced out by the water and disadvantaged because they haven’t used their time to gather resources and craft the better guns.

This will be a much more intense experience with players having to watch their backs all the time whilst keeping an eye on the creeping sea level. We may see some players teaming up but this could be interesting because eventually this alliance will have to be broken. Perhaps the winner could get a trophy of some sort like a steam achievement or maybe when character customisation comes in they will have access to a special cosmetic item like a tattoo or clothing item that denotes their champion status.

I really like rust but I find that I need to invest a lot of my time in order to make progress. I don’t think I’m the only one who has lost sleep over this game trying to build a more secure base to protect my items. This isn’t a game I could actively play with school/uni/work commitments and I hope a game mode of this sort would open the game up to a wider player base whilst making the game more equal.

I thought about something like this.
But it had to do with radiation and it’s a idea for the vanilla endgame.
There’d be a large hole, somewhere on the map. All kinds of mutated beasts and, of course, tons of radiation would come out of there, spreading over the island.
The hole will grow and grow.

Now the endgame would be about defending the last unradiated/mutant free zones till you are shooting on invading mutants every minute and eating rad pills every half.
Until it gets so hard everybody dies. Maybe it would be possible to gain some kind of control over the radhole. But you have to be very organized. Maybe the only way is to go to the hole and finding out what’s keeping it growing.

Well, I absolutely don’t know about others but I’d like it. Your idea would be kinda the same, but it’s the nature growing. I love it. :slight_smile:

The nature is going to stay, I’m not sure about radiation…

hunger game ! it would be cool


The only issue I foresee with your idea is that most players will gather enough to build a shelter as high as they can. Eventually everyone is going to know where that water is going to top off at and whomever can build there will win. Ultimately people wouldnt even need to leave their shack unless someone was trying to break down a door.

Now if C4 was easily available things would most certainly be different.

Im definitely not saying I dont like the idea though… sounds pretty badass to me as an option for gameplay.

I was thinking about this and I think the high point of the map would be a high activity area for this reason making building difficult. I think the solution to this though is to just have the high point made up of rocky terrain that can’t be built on. Or maybe if there are two players left and one is hiding in a shack perhaps you can just sit on top of the shack and let the water do its work.

I actually really like this idea. That’d be a really cool option to play in. Might as well call it the “Hungry Event” – I’m assuming they cant actually use “Hunger Games”

It’s like hunger games.

It is basically a combination of rust, hunger games and worms