New Game Mode Idea

Okay, so. My friend has been working on a new gamemode for gmod (I’ve been helping him by making logos and artwork for it). Here’s the pitch of the gamemode. An open world zombie survival gamemode, where people can scavenge the environment for resources and supplies and either help or fight against one another. There are supply drops by the government for the survivors, like guns and medkits, and players can either share the supplies or fight to the death. Right now, the zombies use the LFD2 infected AI since it’s really good. Also, my friend has to manually put the environmental supplies and supply drops in since we don’t have something to generate it automatically.
It’s really fun to play with friends, and if anyone’s willing to give it a shot be my guest.

Here’s some art that I’ve made for it so far, let me know if you want me to make more.

MOTD Screen

Some sorta government logo thing, it’s the logo of the gamemode I think.

An alternate version that’s used for info and shit.

Can we see some videos? Also why is this in S&box?

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I don’t have any footage of the gamemode since we play it up to 4 hours every time, and that’d be a shit ton of space taken up on my computer (though I might get some screenshots and short clips and shit next time we play). I’d also really like to see it in s&box, running on an engine that doesn’t have the limitations of gmod (for instance, map size).

Sounds like generic zombie open-world survival game

Really need more information or video of gamemode(mechanics and gameplay)
Like how med work(mb like a eft or arma ace), movement, ui(invetory system)

Make it Dead Rising inspired and put a huge mall in it. If you do that, no matter how generic everything else is you will get people to at least check it out.