Hello Facepunch community,

I have had a few servers on css and gmod that was popular and i was supporting new gamemodes, i was one of the first few with a jailbreak, minigames and others. I am currently looking to start funding and supporting other game modes again. If you have a gamemode or an idea email me briefly with what you have done so far and future projects on the gamemode under the application. The more information the more opportunity of me accepting your gamemode. The creator will receive free server funding, copy write possibility to create revenue, Free website for the gamemode and advertizing and marketing links.

Email your idea to or pm me. (Emails faster response)

Job occupation:
Previous Projects (If any):
Idea Title:
Idea Discription:


Thanks alot!

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Copyright is automatic, but why would we mail our ideas to you?

I’ve already coded close to 61,000 lines of code ( no code is repeated, all of it is useful / adds functionality, functions, etc ), bringing a game over from OFP/ARMA with tons of features.

Better yet, I can prevent my code from being cached :slight_smile:

So why should we advertise with you, have our work “possibly” copyrighted through you, etc, especially when this post isn’t even written all that professionally?

Not to mention why wouldn’t they just want to ask a company (server hosting) for a free server?

I’d give someone with a nice gamemode one.

This would be for newer coders who don’t have the money or means to a server, advertizing ect… and milk there are not a lot who would

hotmail is the first sign of a bullshit server owner. then if you wish

Oh my god. People like you need to stop registering right now.