New Gamemode: DeathRP

Hey Guys DeathRP here, I thought of Editing the gamemode DarkRP 2.4.1 Which you can find of

Details On this Edited gamemode:

The Jobs are More made for a Serious RP Server.
It’s Less Mingey, Would go well For the map rp_c18_v1.
The Gangsters Are Renamed To Rebels.
The Cops are Renamed To Combine Army (CA)
A Brilliant Swep Created By me!: Combine-Talk Really usefull!
You can see more in the changelog.txt!

So I guess 90% Credit to: Fptje (Falco) And the Previous Editors
And 10% To me :slight_smile: Hope you like it.

Feel Free To Make Newer Versions :slight_smile:

No Flaming!

So really all you did was add a half baked SWEP and rename a few jobs?

DarkRP should be excavated from gmod


Incorrect. i put my own swep combine-talk tool. and edited some of the Cash stuff not just a small thing like. the swep and jobs. i edited about 3/4 of the files :slight_smile:


Why you think that JIAC? :slight_smile:

No… I don’t see any major changes here… I think you’re lying to me.

I Never Said MAJOR, i just made it a bit more Serious Rpish. i get less minges on my server than i used to have. + its Pretty much DarkRP just diffrent languages etc. A bit more likable. In my opinion

So, in your opinion, did this really deserve a thread? Or is it something most less than average lua scripters can do themselves?

Just wanted, more people to see it. :slight_smile: but i will somepoint make my own gamemode from scratch im gradually learning.

To be honest, make the gamemode right away, you’ll learn far far more from making something yourself than changing a few strings.

Ok, thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Yeah, go ahead and try and make your own gamemode pal - you will find it will help you alot.

No. I disagree.

If you pull a child off the streets who wants to grow up and be a programmer and tell him to make a gamemode from scratch with no prior knowledge then it’s clear to see they (in 99% of cases) wouldn’t be able to.

If you pull a child off the streets who wants to grow up and be a programmer and tell him to play Garry’s Mod on a DarkRP server and then edit the script to change it to his liking he would (in 99% of cases) be able to make minor to major changes.

So which scenario seems better to you? Chances are he’ll go off and attempt to make his own gamemode now, fail, and then give up altogether. You may think that’s right as you don’t want him around but just consider it.

Plus, he probably wont even learn. He’ll end up just copying the files in the end because he can’t figure out how to do it.

Stick with editing DarkRP; make it as good as you can, and soon enough all the code will be yours and you’ll have the same result anyway.

Whoever said DarkRP should be excavated then you can have my hate remark - the amount of people that learn Lua from DarkRP is much more than your elitist role-play’s that are private/sold. Although most servers turn into minge heavens it’s simply an experience. Who cares if they want to role-play but not as seriously as you do?

We all have opinions sir, and that is mine.

when people will learn that we don’t need more rp mods

I went right to making a gamemode and I understood ALOT more.

How can you know that if you never tried it the other way? Plus how complicated was the gamemode? How long did it take you? Was it ever released? Did you ever finish it? Did you ever have urges to give up?

There’s so many factors that make editing much more fun and a lot less time consuming.


Such a creative title. I can tell without even reading one word of this thread that it is a cheap DarkRP edit that focusses on killing a shitload of people.

I just read the thread, I was right especially on the killing people part.

Well, When you OWN your own server. and you have STRICT admins. the chances of DM is what? 3% or less. I choose The Name DeathRP, cause i guess my name is Death on the games i play :slight_smile:

You may have Read the thread but you havn’t played it on A SIngleplayer mode, or a Serious RP Server :stuck_out_tongue:

A few comments on the thread:

  1. I’m not personally a gamemode purist, and I believe DarkRP was created to be easily editable. However, it was not meant to be released several hundred times for edits, however major. Even if you did create a unique RP, there’s already hundreds more to drown it out and you could certainly put your creative talents elsewhere. However, I learned Lua by editing DarkRP and I’ve gone on to bigger and better things.

  2. Please don’t release this. It’s just not worth it - keep it to the server. Literally, all you did was add a custom SWEP which has been made before and changed the name of a few classes.

  3. There’s no such thing as a serious RP server. There are servers that say they have serious RP but insofar as there are not admins on 24/7 or serious consequences for not strictly roleplaying, saying it’s “Serious” will just lead to more awfulness - Roleplay should be fun.

  4. Saying “no flaming” will never decrease flaming.

  5. Capitalizing Sentences Like This Is Incredibly Annoying.

Fixed it for you.

…, just deal with the fact that we get like no Dmer’s…