New gamemode development

Hi all, like a month i decided to make a new gamemode called Morp. After like 7000 of script was written, i took an interest in filming. Thats why i expect i will spend much less time on writing this mode.

MonRp is like Gmod Stranged and Dark rp welded togeather. 2 currencies (EUR and USD) no payday if you are not really working. Also all goods have to be produced by players to be able to buy them for USD, else you will have to exchange your 500$ to EUR (ups USD to EUR rate). SVN site exist. like 5 or 10% of this is done.
I can do: Lua(big surprise), Fancy Models(not ragdolls) with fancy textures, maps and lua shit compatible with maps.

So, if you are interested write here: or on steam (artefom)

What is this thread about? It looks google translated.

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I mean, I’m not sure if he’s recruiting people or…?

What the hell


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Name fits.

Are you selling a gamemode or hiring people to finish it ? :S

The thing i wanna to do is called lua team

Are you using some sort of a translator to post your messages? They are awful gibberish!

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That said, maybe you should try the Lua Scripter Hire thread if you need a team.

People got money for their work and then they buy the goods for money they earned, sure if they want

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I dont actually offer to pay them. I’m trying to find some volunteers.

Wait so your paying them with in-game money? or is it like a ticket system where each job they do they get a ticket then if they get enough they can pick a prize

He must be interpreting for Lord Inglip.

7000 lines and it’s not finished? And there are no pictures or videos? You must have pressed the enter key alot.

That or it’s a bunch of manually written translation tables.




…That’s a lot of script.

why would someone pay real money for items in a dark rp like gamemode?

Why would people pay for a bunch of useless hats, paint, and nametags for a game that they used to be able to find usefull items ra… oh, wait.

At least you can still get them for free.

It sounds like this person is wanting to do a SL version of DarkRP. Ughhh… No.

Should this be in the gamemode dev forum?

Nawww, Over nine thousand script my is!

Why for the love of all that is good in the world would you bump this thread with a meme.

Come on man!