New Gamemode idea and Suggestions/partners for a new gamemode.

Now i’ve recently found an old gamemode folder hidden in my garrysmod folders, i remembered i was making a gamemode and totally forgot about it, so i am trying to code some more so it’s an actually gamemode, so this is called Earth Mod (the map earth_day1 doesn’t go to this gamemode!) so i need suggestions!
It’s going to be like roleplay, but there’s going to be a twist (not anything sexual/WTFBOOOOOOO! things) and is going to have this xp thing that i came in mind

0 xp = crowbar
0 xp = $1,000 (defalut money you get)
0 xp = keys
0 xp = pocket
100 xp = new weapon
250 xp = $5,000 added
350 xp = be able to buy furniture
500 xp = own a house
1000 xp = new weapon
1350 xp = be able to buy machines
2000 xp = new weapon
2200 xp = new weapon
3000 xp = 100 hp added
3500 xp = new weapon
4500 xp = 50 hp added
6000 xp = $20,000 added
8000 xp = two new weapons
12000 xp = 200 hp added
13000 xp = 50 hp added
17500 xp = $65,000 added
24000 xp = new weapon
30000 xp = get 200 armor
45000 xp = $120,000 added
60000 xp = 3 new weapons
100000 xp = $250,000 added
150000 xp = be able to buy goodies! (hats, trails, special guns, special models and cars)
250000 xp = 500 hp added
1000000 xp = $10,000,000 added

now you will say “holy shit that going to be a long ass time to code!” but i don’t want anything crappy, like my maps! o.o
anyway heres how to get xp
every 5 minutes = 100 xp

exchange money to xp. ($100 = 10 xp)

you can enter a xp raffle. (the raffle will prompt you for a number when the raffle is enabled after about 8 - 25 minutes, xp ranging from 250 xp to 10000 xp)

each zombie killed (maps will have a zombie spawn every 10-45 minutes, max up to 5 zombies at a time) = 500 xp

each thing you steal from the furniture store (press e on a prop and click “steal”, prop will be in your pocket, take out pocket to claim it yours, must wait 1 minute to take out, so if you die, it’ll be gone!) = 250 xp (props

will delete old props besides stolen ones and respawn new ones if the store owner presses the button)

and might be more options

to get money

each zombe killed = $1,000

each prop sold (go to your prop, press e, click sell) and you will get 50% of what you payed for it. (thinking about prices for each prop - like in dark rp)

enter a money raffle (same with the xp raffle, can sometimes be at the same time, money ranging from $500 - $50,000)

and maybe some more options

now this will take more than most likely maybe who knows 6 months!

you can help or you can suggest some helpfull tips and/or coding help.

thank you and yes this will take a long time and the project is not released!

(P.S: when the gamemode reached a certain completion percent, i’ll randomly pick 25 people to try out the gamemode, any uses on servers may en up having issues and/or bugs!)

Good luck mr. ideas guy because you are about to be swamped with good quality posters complain about you.

Will miss you babe.

Don’t think it’ll work out buddy.

even i think its not possible now, this happens when i get to excited in my dreams.
i also noticed this is the wrong section…

Whether it will happen or not or who is doing it is irrelevant just comment on his ideas.

its worse than DarkRp

actually this gamemode is working fine but im going to move this thread to the proper section

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