New Gamemode idea.

Alot of gamemodes on gmod are old or boring and/or has a shitload of bugs.
So I have an idea for a gametype, if you like it please post and if not please dont abuse.
Ok well basically the idea is you have no weapons and you need to get from point a-b, without being killed or spotted by NPC’s or Players (haven’t decided yet).
It could have it’s own types of maps (preferablly night ones) and would be like heaps of people spawning near the same area, then they can stay as groups or split up trying to go to the weapons/or just end of map (haven’t decided).

I am not very good at LUA specifically but i can learn easily (i quickly adapt to codes eg Python)
so please as said above just post what you think and please if it is a good idea DONT STEAL IT!!!


I also have another gametpye idea but won’t say it yet, wait till this is over.

Sounds more like a fretta mode than a fully fleshed out gamemode.

I stole this idea just now, waddya gone do ‘bout it foo’?

In ur hed steelin’ ur idearz and so on and so forth.

Sounds like a “meh” idea, it’s not really anything exciting or original. Might work as a fretta gamemode though.

Hai I has idea kan u codez it for me ill be the guy ho came up wit the idea and getz all the creditz lul

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Sikgamer if you not going to be helpful please don’t post.

Deathrun anyone?

Nah not deathrun, deathrun is one team presses buttons to kill other team, this is more like : 'Run, don’t get shot, stay in groups.

Why post if you don’t want the idea taken?

Because I want to know if it’s a good idea as i said here : “just post what you think”.

But If someone does want to make it into a gametype please give me some recogniton for the idea.

The gamemodes section should have a subsection for ‘Gamemode Ideas/Requests’

No thats not good idea, also that thread is pointless

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - grea$emonkey))

Indeed. I agree with you completely.

Can I just say, the purpose of this thread is to post what you think about my gametype idea. Unfortunantly there is no ideas/requests topic category, and don’t start talking about that. If you do wish to talk about a request for that then start your own topic. And please just fuck off with the pointless, humourless posts like the ‘waz if iz stealz ure idez den take ze credz faw it’ seriously what did you accomplish by posting that.

Sorry if I seem like an asshole, but if your post is ‘off-topic’ then delete it or don’t post it.

Although this thread’s already smelling a bit old I’d like to add some good vibrations: I, an utterly insignificant carbon unit, do LIKE the idea. As I see it the major problems you have to address are balancing and boredom.

What’s the advantage of the “runners”? Why would I want to play them and not their gun-wielding super-awesome pursuers? If they simply outnumber the “gunners” and just have to be lucky to survive, I’d find it rather frustrating and unworthy of the players time (I’m not a fish!). So imho the runners should be compensated for their pacifism. Make them run faster or let them jump higher to reach certain areas of the map (more quickly than the gunners). Or give them an inventory with cool gadgets like smokebombs or a cloak with enough power for five seconds of predator-like invisibility. Or allow them to hide in the shadows (while not moving).
And let them strike back, cause that’s a very satisfying thing not only in games! Let them fling stuff at gunners like valueable ming vases or even themselves (preferable from high places like the second floor of an apartment building). Let them use the world geometry against the gunners; not to kill them (although this might happen sometimes ;~) but to slow them down.

While I’m at it: Instead of just reaching point B you could let the runners accomplish certain goals like

"The world must know what’s really going on.

  • Put the old radio station back into operation.
  • Destroy the satelite dish on top of the TV station.
  • Reach the subway tunnels to escape."

By introducing changing, map-based goals for the runners you could make this game mode far more interesting and less repetitive, since players would have to develop new strategies with each new map.
(On the other hand, implementing all this would become a nightmare I presume ;~)

Just my two cents (oh am I bored :~)
Good luck and have fun,

PS: Discussing your own game ideas in internet forums without writing a single line of code is usually a bad idea. (note to self: Oh YES!)

all you really need to do is borrow the parkour mod :wink: and some more crap

Thank you for your response it has been the most usefull so far, I was thinking of giving the players certain perks as the level pressed on. However to do the

I personally think some of those are not such a great idea. Reson being is if you are with a group of people (which the gamemode will be about) then it’s a group effort and these tasks would seem more of an “individual task” rathar then involving teamwork. I find the idea Reach the subway a good idea, and maybe I could add more detail or change the “destroy satelite dish” to make it more fun.

I was thinking of making the gunners npcs as my first post says, as they lack weapon skill and commen knowledge (e.g/ knowing the best entrance point players will come from.)
I will also (if done) include the whole strike back but players must find their own weapons.
If you are good with scripting or maps please contact me on facepunch and we can talk about this.

Thanks again for your post,

P.s: I haven’t played parkour and will now so If this is like it then sorry and will disregard or immensly change this idea. I thought parkour was doing Agile and Acrobatic techniques in urban towns.

hey can anybody tell me how to make an in game shop menu for my gamemode??


hey i have a awosome idea take wcs from CSS and make it into a gmod gamemode


Well, the mission goals were just meant as an (film inspired) example to demonstrate a point. I’m sure you can find others that suit your needs better.

>> If you are good with scripting or maps please contact me on facepunch and we can talk about this.
Sadly I just started with gmod and although I already know Lua a bit from previous studies I’ll have to learn and get used to the gmod scripting API and it’s zillion pitfalls that are propably waiting everywhere for the ingenuous minge to fall in. I can’t even use some of the gmod tools properly yet, and wire adds a whole new dimension to that, so I will take my time and make one step after another.
In short: Can’t help you out. Sorry. Help yourself ;~)

>> P.s: I haven’t played parkour and will now so If this is like it then sorry and will disregard or immensly change this idea. I thought parkour was doing Agile and Acrobatic techniques in urban towns.
Thought so, too. I’ll also check out parkour, sounds pretty damn cool if it really matches my description :~)

Again, good luck,

Sorry to say but warcraft fails and it would not work as a gmod gamemode, not because of technical errors but because it fails :).

Also what do you mean about an in-game shop menu?
If you are planning on doing that as in ‘shop menu’ with real money. Just make it open up an motd browser that links you to your website.
If you can’t find a host then try :


Whilst I am at it, can someone give me a good gamemode name?

Thats relvant to it.