*New Gamemode JHRP* [Hiring]


Brief Info
We are currently working on a new gamemode called JHRP or Jar-Head Roleplay.
it is under development and we need coders.

Coder Requirements Qualifications

Not only do they need to be able to alter lines of code but they also need to be able to write up their own scripts.
Their additude will need to be consistent and ‘like clockwork’ be able to conjure up their own fixes and troubleshoot
to the best of their ability. Price is very negotiable as I am a tolerant person when I see a need to get shit done.

What we plan to do!

We plan to make this gamemode into a Millitary RP and we are using Open Aura Core.


Thanks for taking interest.

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(User was banned for this post ("Missed the Lua scripter hire thread" - Gran PC))

Jewish House Role Play?
Count me in.

Are you an ideas guy or are you going to actually do something?

If you’re going to do something then congrats and post content as soon as it can be shown so we see it ^^

If not, well, the rules.

PS: Make it opensource :\

Well we know where this is going.

No this is no thought. We are planing and working hard to get this gamemode a success.