New Gamemode Suggestion: Worms

Someone definately needs to make a Worms/Worms World Party gamemode. If you have played it, you know how fun that game was and you know its a great idea. If you have not played it then I suggest you go here and look at some screenshots and possibly try to play it, you will fall in love:

there are also better screenshots of multiplayer play on google. Just search “Worms World Party”

I know this gamemode would take off, and as far as I know there is nothing like it for gmod. So anyone who wants to do this let me know and I’d help in anyway that I am able…even by donating.

I loved that game… but it would probably be hell to script for gmod…

Don’t screw Worms World Party with Garry’s Mod! :open_mouth: That shit was badass when I was like nine.

Good luck making destructible land in the Source Engine. Unless you write your own optimized voxel engine, I don’t really see how you would do that.
Or unless you want a 2D gamemode, then it might be a little bit easier.


Actually, I’d like to try making a voxel engine entirely using Lua, it might be possible after all.

Do so, even if not making worms, making destructible environment possible could spawn a lot of other gamemodes.
If you succeed.

Try making 2D camera view + several weapons + player models (quite easy) + simple not destructable maps (like in Worms 3D i guess) and with some new effects