New Gamemode

As per the rules stated in the gamemodes forum, since this is related to RP I believed this is the proper place for this, however if it’s not then would the admins kindly move it without banning me then? Thank you.

As you all who’ve been at least peeking into the lua newbie questions in the forum know, I’m working on a gamemode. With any luck, it’ll be good enough that it’ll be somewhere inbetween PERP and DarkRP. And best of all, I’ll release it when it’s done. But for now, I’m testing it every now and then at my server, but here are some of the features;

Highly player-Dependent


Sick of mayor just sitting on his butt and the taxes you pay for going nowhere? Well with this gamemode, these days will be long gone, which if you ask me was way overdue anyways, the taxes you pay for now go to the town treasury, which are used to pay for things like the police department’s equipment and the officers’ paychecks now as well. The government is also able to use martial law and summon the military should things get to out of control, not only can the military step in but the FBI as well, no more corrupt cops.


As the trader from Killing Floor has said, (Several times to me) guns don’t grow on trees, nor does just about anything the people in gmod use. Now your able to get a job or start a corporation doing anything from banking to car manufacturing and selling. And that includes guns, and no longer will you be able to just keep with one set of money, now you’ve got banks to create accounts for, and a wallet to feed. Plus, banks can give loans and such, not to mention be robbed. Don’t forget banks have this thing as well called “interest”

It’s got more then this, but I just wanted to give you guys a whiff of the general scent.


Well I just gave a few. :confused:

This seems more of a server backstory then a gamemode…?

… I’m working on it. But in either case, I’ll have something to show soon. >:) All I need to figure out is how to spawn vehicles in gamemodes derived from base. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not just any server…