New Garry's Mod HL2RP.

-Snip, nothing was here-

this is not even the server advertising section

also, since you JUST joined, maybe you should learn that no one likes:
People who join a forum just to advertise

I’m not here just to advertise, I made a new account for my community.

Well, all you’ve done so far is advertise.

So as far as it looks from here, you joined to advertise.

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Even if you are, do it in the right section.

Could you redirect me, By providing a link?

Garry really needs to bring back the Server Advertising section, because most people go to the GIP section for Minecraft. It’s still where it’s supposed to be, though.

What’s wrong with actual roleplay? Plenty of people like roleplay here.

GMod RP is Cops N’ Robbers mixed with Capture the Flag. The only motive in most of these RP(s) is to spawn up some form of illegal item, protect said illegal item, buy other illegal items, and kill waves of underpowered enemies.
HL2RP is not great exception to the whole Cops N’ Robbers game, but they have some baffling ability to apply ‘Super Sewious RP’ to their gamemode to give players the false hope that its better. Not only has this stagnated any true development to RP[with exceptions to BBRP and Tiramisu], but its lead to complete segregation of the RP Community between Serious and Lite gamemodes.