New Garry's mod RP guide to Jobs

Thier’s the link hope you like it!

But everyone knows that the only purpose for a mayor is to kidnap him and shoot him because no one gives two shits about the mayor, except for the cops, and they don’t do shit anyway. Overall, it isn’t very logical, because one video will not cure the entire DarkRP community.

i didnt like it

not bad, even if darkrp sucks.

[stupid rant]
I can see that you’re trying to make this work, but you should put more of your effort into other things, like an Rp guide to a more difficult gamemode. I’m not trying to bash DarkRP, as much as I hate it, but making a guide for it seems rather pointless as in my opinion it shall never be truly RPed correctly.
[/stupid rant]

Also, to make the video work, use .video[./video] with no period in the tags

you should change it to media since video is wrong before someone quotes it

I thought the purpose of mayor was to have a big fat paycheck to buy all the money printers and drugs you can get <- my entire experience of dark rp.

You forgot the part about getting banned because the admin wants to be mayor.

And then get demoted for RDM. Yeah, I think we all summed up the mayor fairly accurately - except for OP.

The video was actually pretty good, but I think you need to work on your enunciation (when you were talking about lotteries I thought you were saying “lorry” and going on about how much fun trucks are to drive) and/or slow down your talking a bit. It’s nice that the video was short, but it felt like you were in a hurry the whole time.

What would really help the video would be some visual editing. Add text to the screen when you talk about console commands or add another item to your list of tips.